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DMV driving record abstracts and motor vehicle history reports are accessible to both consumers and business owners residing in the United States.

We highly suggest you get a copy of your drivers license record BEFORE shopping for insurance. Many of us have errors in our driving report that will drive up insurance rates.

Employers, use our data to determine whether or not your applicant has a safe driving record.

Consumers, find out what is contained in your DMV driving record - DUI's, violations, etc.

We offer Consumers and Businesses the ability to order their Motor Vehicle Driving Records for as low as $14.99.
for same day and most other states $19.95 for within 3-5 days.

Drivers - You should check your driving record when you purchase your auto insurance, because time to time the dates get mix up from Department of Motor Vehicle Driving Record. We offer lowest price.

Employers - Protect yourself from costly Negligent Hiring Lawsuits by checking a prospective employee's driving record before you place them on your payroll. Employer Driving Record Form.use our data to determine whether or not your applicant has a safe driving record.


Citi Credit Bureau can obtain for you a current copy of your personal driving record from the state it was issued. Your record will come straight from the Department of Motor Vehicles and will contain information regarding traffic violations, suspensions, and in some states.

We also provide the Motor Vehicle History Report, view the history of almost any used vehicle in the US. Protect yourself from buying a lemon.

Special this Month

State Price Turn Around Time
California $14.95 Same day
Florida $17.95 1-2 days

Your full name as stated on the license requested. Your drivers license number as stated on the license requested. Also you will need your social security number, date of birth, and a signed authorization.

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You must print and fax a signed consent before your record will be released to you.

State Price Turn Around Time
Alaska* $19.95 1-2 days
Alabama $26.95 3-4 days
Arkansas* $25.95 1-2 days
Arizona* $19.95 3-4 days
Colorado $23.95 2-3 days
Connecticut $29.95 3-4 days
Delaware* $19.95 1-2 days
Florida $19.95 1-2 days
Georgia* $29.95 3-4 days
Hawaii $23.95 15-20 days
Iowa $29.95 15-20 days
Idaho $19.95 1-2 days
Illinois* $29.95 4-6 days
Indiana $21.95 1-2 days
Kansas $19.95 1-2 days
Kenturky $19.95 1-2 days
Louisiana* $23.95 3-4 days
Massachusetts $29.95 7-10 days
Maryland $19.95 1-2 days
Maine $19.95 1-2 days
Michigan $22.95 1-2 days
Minnesota $19.95 1-2 days
Missouri $19.95 1-2 days
Mississippi $24.95 3-4 days
Montana $24.95 6-10 days
North Carolina $19.95 3-4 days
North Dakota $19.95 7-14 days
Nebraska* $19.95 1-2 days
New Hampshire Coming soon  
New Jersey $29.95 3-4 days
New Mexico $19.95 1-2 days
Nevada $19.95 1-2 days
New York $19.95 1-2 days
Ohio $19.95 3-4 days
Oklahoma $27.95 1-2 days
Ontario (Canada) $29.95 1-2 days
Oregon $19.95 3-4 days
Pennsylvania* $19.95 7-11 days
Rhode Island $29.95 14-19 days
South Carolina $22.95 3-4 days
South Dekota $29.95 10-12 days
Tennessee $19.95 1-2 days
Texas $19.95 3-4 days
Utah $19.95 1-2 days
Virginia* $19.95 1-2 days
Vermont $24.95 3-4 days
Washington $29.95 5-7 days
Wisconsin $21.95 1-2 days
West virginia* $19.95 3-4 days
Wyoming* $19.95 3-4 days

Price may change without notice

DL#, full name,date of birth and sex(m/f) required for all requests.


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