Background Investigations

Background Investigations are not just for employment screening like most people may think. It is now very common for landlords to run Background Investigations on prospective tenants. These Background Investigations are put in place by landlords because they have a vested interest in keeping their properties safe and away from the harm of a potential criminal.

If you ran a tenants credit check, and it came out clean, would you rent your property to him/her? Probably. What if you had the chance to run a full Background Investigation and found a criminal past? You probably wouldn't want to rent to someone like that, would you? Criminals can keep their credit clean while getting up to no good.

The only way to really be sure that your rental property is going to be taken care of and in the best shape possible upon your prospective tenants move-out is to run a Background Investigation and be aware of ANY skeletons in their closet.

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