Criminal Report

Criminal Report comes in many different "shapes and sizes". The first difference are data base searches compared to onsite searches. The advantage of a data base search is that the results are usually returned instantly. An onsite search takes longer, usually 24-72 hours because a court researcher is sent to the local courthouse to perform the search.

When ordering a criminal report, it is imperative to understand the differences. County searches are much more thorough and comprehensive. However, the county search criminal report is only for a small geographic area. Database searches can cover a whole state, and a national criminal report can covers 80% of the United States. The database search is inconsistent on the type of data that is reported. Every state releases different types of data. Some may just give felonies, other states will give felonies and misdemeanors, and some states even give driving records. Often when a criminal report is ordered, a database search will be done first, and if something comes up, they will do an on-site search to further research the applicant.

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