Criminal Statistics

Criminal Statistics tell a lot about the life of a person's present and past. Landlords used to only focus on credit checks for their tenant screening needs, but more and more landlords are realizing that they can get Criminal Statistics reports on a future tenant they hope to rent to. This type of information took hours, if not days, to retrieve in the past. Now can provide a Criminal Statistics report on any individual within seconds. These reports can be statewide or even nationwide.

Renting out an income property can be a really frightening experience, knowing that your $500,000 income property home is in the hands of a stranger. What would make you feel more comfortable -- running a credit check on the prospective tenant? Credit Checks used to be enough, but not anymore.

Get a Criminal Statistics report on your future tenant by simply entering the tenant's information and receiving the report in seconds. You will never have to lose sleep over your judgment of a tenant again.

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