Eviction Reports

Eviction Reports tell a lot about a prospective tenant that would not always show up on a credit report or criminal background check. Oftentimes a landlord can meet their tenant-to-be and make a decision off a first impression, finalize it with a credit check, but not run an Eviction Report.

Lots of tenants can have perfect credit, great jobs, even a clean background history, but still have been evicted from a property. You may think that if someone has great credit, then they must not have been evicted in the past. However, there are many more reasons for evictions than just non-payment.

People often get evicted for having more residents than the specified amount on the lease. They may keep pets in a strictly non-pet residence, or even constantly playing their music too loud. An eviction report can uncover past evictions. Keep in mind... a credit check may not.

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