National Background Checks

National Background Checks are essential when screening a tenant for rental of your income property. So many landlords do a poor job at screening their tenants, such as running a credit check, but omitting a National Background Check. Even state-wide background checks are not enough to ensure you are renting to a quality tenant. Only a National Background Check can tell you the true past of a person.

Imagine renting your property to a person that is very well mannered, well groomed, and an all-around good person. Sounds like the perfect tenant, right? Oftentimes a landlord never does find out about the dark past of their tenant until it's too late.

A National Background Check is the best supplement to the traditional credit check and no landlord should overlook it. National Background Checks will catch all types of criminal activity such as Felonies, Misdemeanors, and we even have an option for a sex offender search.

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