Welcome to our Tenant Reporting page! We are excited to offer landlords the opportunity to report their tenant’s payment patterns directly to the credit bureau. You do not have to be a member of Citi Credit Bureau to use this service, simply fill out the request form and fax it to our processing department at 877-369-1727 (Fax Number)

Below you will find descriptions of the various options that we offer you—whether you are reporting a collection, negative information or positive information. If you need assistance or additional details on any of these services please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at 800-710-2484.

If your tenant has skipped out, broken the lease, been evicted and/or still has an outstanding balance you may consider these options:

Collection (one-time reporting) $39.95
You may want to add a collection to the tenant’s credit report reflecting the outstanding balance. This amount can include maintenance fees, interest, court/legal fees, reporting fee (i.e $39.95 for this service) etc. This will be reported ONE TIME ONLY and you have the option of updating it (and paying the applicable fee) if there is a change in status. Please note, this service will simply report the collection to TransUnion so that is appears on the credit report and impacts the score. Citi Credit Bureau will NOT attempt to collect on the debt for you or act as a collection agency on your behalf. Please be advised—if and when this amount is paid to you, you are LEGALLY REQUIRED to update the status to a paid collection. FYI: many lenders require all collections to be paid before financing a loan. By adding the collection, even though we are not a debt collecting service, you are increasing your chances of receiving payment because sooner or later you applicant may apply for a loan.

Paid Collection $29.95
If you have previously reported a collection on a tenant’s credit report and they have since paid the debt, you are Legally Required to update the status to a Paid Collection. You can also use this service to update the balance if the tenant has made a partial payment. Select this service at a discounted price of $29.95 (save $10) to update the status.

If you are reporting your current Tenant’s payment patterns choose one of the following options:

Month-to-Month Reporting:
This gives you the ability to report your tenant’s payment patterns on a month to month basis---whether they pay late or on time. Month to Month reporting serves as an extra incentive for your tenants to pay on time, since this reporting will have an impact on their credit score. If they pay on time, they are building a better credit rating. If they pay late, not only will it affect the score negatively but future landlords will see this payment trend. This is also a good tool to use when you have tenants who consistently pay late but are not delinquent enough to open up a collection against them—this way you still get to report negative payment patterns. We offer three options for our clients:

Pay-As-You-Go $9.95/month: this option allows you to report a tenant and pay the $9.95 only on the months that you fax a request. With this method you have the ability to note on the credit report if your tenant has paid on time or 30 days late (or more) for a given month. You can only report one month of activity at a time with this method.

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For questions or clarifications on any of these services, please contact customer support at 800-710-2484 (Mon-Fri 7am-5pm PST)

IF you have any other questions, please email to info@citicredit.net