SSN Verification

SSN Verification is very important when renting out a property. There is no way to know if your tenant is who he or she says they are without SSN Verification. Identity theft is becoming more and more prevalent these days and SSN Verification tells you if that person is who they say they are.

One of the main things people use stolen Social Security Numbers for is renting a home or apartment. Most people that deal with stolen SSNs have horrendous credit, but when you run the report on them, it comes out clean as can be. SSN Verification stops social security number thieves in their tracks!

Running an SSN Verification report will tell you the name and state the Social Security Number was issued. If only more credit companies ran these SSN Verification reports, identity theft would not be such a problem as it is today, especially after 9/11. Do your part, don't get burned, run an SSN Verification report.

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