Tenant Address History

Tenant Address History checks of an applying tenant should be a major part of a landlord's job. Often when tenants apply for a rental, the Address History is fraudulent or even outdated. The Tenant Address History is falsified for many reasons such as a "wandering tenant"; one who travels from state to state with no fixed address.

People who have "free spirits" as they say are not likely to hang around long and are a risk for sticking your for some or all of the rent owed. Checking the Tenant Address History is such an asset in weeding out deadbeat tenants like these.

"Wandering tenants" should be avoided as this is a sign of criminal activity. You will feel much better about renting when you can verify Tenant Address History. At Citicredit.net, you can have a Tenant Address History report in seconds by entering just a little bit of information.

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