Effective early 2007, in order to access a full credit report from any of the repositories the federally regulated credit bureaus require a site inspection of your principal office or residence (if you have a home office) In order to comply with this new federal regulation, it will now be necessary for our clients to have a site inspection completed to have continued access to full credit reports through our company. This new policy applies to all credit report resellers (i.e all tenant screening, employment screening, mortgage companies, etc).

With on site inspection : you will receive full credit report

Without site inspection: You will receive recommendation credit report (see below for details)

Without a site inspection you will still have access to all of our other services such as: Eviction report, Criminal Background check, Tele-check, verification service, Applicant Fraud, Prior Address locator, etc. Also, in place of the credit report you may receive a Recommendation Credit Report. This feature allows receive a recommendation based on your pre-set qualifications. The recommendation will inform you whether or not the applicant meets your minimum requirements.

The site inspection is a simple process which involves a third party licensed inspector, approved by the three major credit bureaus who will visit your office or home (wherever you primarily operate) to verify the following: 1. you operate in a legal manner and are not operating an unauthorized business (i.e credit counseling, bail bondsman, credit repair, collections, etc) 2. consumer credit files can be stored securely in a locked (room, drawer, filing cabinet, safe, etc) 3. verify all identifying information used to establish an account with our company (address, contact information, etc.) The Fee for the site inspection is $75.00.