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Online Tenant Screening – Tenant Credit Report $15.95.   CtCredit.net offers complete, accurate and thorough tenant screening services to property managers, landlords, and others in the real estate & rental industry. Our highly advanced software offers instant, online results (10 seconds) and the system is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—providing you with valuable background screening information that is entitled to you by law.

CtCredit.net gives YOU, the Landlord, complete control: Instant Results, No email required for Applicant and NO WAITING for them to fill out a questionnaire.  Best of all, there are no membership fees, set up fees or account fees. You pay only for the reports that you purchase.        Site Inspection Guideline

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Tenant Screening Report Price.

Credit score, payment patterns, history, open accounts, balances, monthly payment amounts, tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments, collections.

National search listing all name variations and addresses associated with the social security number. Goes back up to 20 years

Nationwide court database search.Lists evictions, filings, etc.

Indicates if a person has a negative history of bouncing checks.

Contacts landlord for a rental reference and verify essential rental history information. 3 attempts are made.

Contact current employer to verify status and income information. 3 attempts are made.  * verification completed if the employer does not charge

Statewide court database search reports can show misdemeanors, felonies, and some driving information. *this search requires a Date of Birth

(via e-mail) Credit Advisor helps analyze and evaluate the report, thereby providing guidance in making an informed decision.

Verifies legitimacy of social, issue date, who the SSN was issued to and Year of Birth.


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Phone: 1-800-710-2484 or 1-949-851-7719
Fax: 877-369-1727

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”  

“CtCredit, Thank you for your service…It was easy and thorough.”

Daryl B. Gwhittier, CA

“Thanks, I found all the information I needed in order to make sure I didn’t rent out to deadbeat tenants”

Mark B - St.

Mark B - St.Simmons Island, GA

“I saved a lot of money and prevented mistakes that could have caused me a lot of headaches, thanks”

Deborah HJonesboro, AR

“Customer service was very courteous and they helped us avoid renting out to bad tenants “

The Bermans

The BermansLindenwold, NJ

“CtCredit, Thank you for your service…It was easy and thorough.”

Daryl B. Gwhittier, CA

“Overall, an excellent experience, highly professional approach to handling our needs. I
would certainly recommend this agency to others.”

Jim K.Costa Mesa, CA

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Milton V.Brooklyn, NY

“The very first time we used your services, it paid off. The applicant had been evicted 3 times.
You guys are one of the greatest sources to come along since I have been in the renting industry.
Thank you!”

Nick H. & Sandy P.

Nick H. & Sandy P.Wilmington, DE

“Their information is easy to access and the time is minimal checking history on our applicants.
This is an extremely valuable tool in the initial qualifying step to renting out to tenants.
Thank you for giving us this tenant research opportunity at our fingertips.”

Bonnie WGrosse Pointe Park, MI

“We are very, very pleased with your services. We hope to continue using you guys because of it
really gives us a more in-depth and accurate background history of prospective tenants.”

Mr. & Mrs. Widlowski

Mr. & Mrs. WidlowskiVienna, VA

“I’ve been managing apts. for 7 years and could not have been successful without the support and information provided by your company “

Adriana F.

Adriana F.Portland, OR

“You guys have saved me time and money over and over again, thanks!”

Michelle B.E. Wenatchee, WA

“I just wanted to say that the customer service I received for setting up my account was absolutely great! Also, I am extremely impressed by your web site”

Steven BProvidence RI

“I was renting out for the first time, the credit advisor guided me step by step to understanding
the report. They saved me a lot of time and trouble. Thumbs up!

Nelson T.

Nelson T.Plainville, CT

“I just purchased a credit report for the first time. I am really impressed by the speed of the whole process!! Awesome!!”

Carol S.Toledo OH.

“Thanks. I love your service, and it makes this job of ‘landlord’ much easier!!!!!!”

Deborah K.Missouri City, TX

“Ctcredit was an excellent purchase for us, they really helped us track down delinquent tenants.
We’ve saved money that would have been lost.”

Edward K.Atlanta, GA

“Ctcredit has been a lifesaver for us. It cut our information verification turnaround time
dramatically. With their help, we have “caught” several applicants that have falsified their
information. We would highly recommend your company to others.”

Joanna L.

Joanna L.Temple City, CA

“We find it to be very useful in verifying information that has been submitted through our
application process. We are able to check previous addresses and check criminal activity
in all states. We feel these products help to screen our applicants efficiently and economically”

Fabian M.Goffstown, NH

“We are now able to identify inadequate applicants instantaneously. With your services, we
can perform proper screening to prevent housing applicants in poor standing. Thanks.”

Janeen S.Broken Arrow, OK