Tenant Eviction Report

CT Credit is a full service background information provider specializing in Tenant Screening


The tenant Eviction Report is one of the most important reports in the tenant screening process. More and more, landlords and property management companies are pulling the eviction report because they
recognize its value. To clarify, Eviction records are not standard information included in a regular credit report, therefore it must be purchased separately. You will be amazed by how many people with a good credit rating have been evicted.

We encounter this phenomenon every day. Due to the fact that Eviction Reports and/or Eviction Record are reported to the local courts, you will not see these filings in standard credit reports. Tenant Credit Reports do contain some public information related to the individual’s financial background such as Bankruptcy, tax liens and judgments’ but again, this does not include eviction information. Citi Credit carries the largest Eviction Report and/or Eviction Record database. We work with small and large court data suppliers nationwide. Our technology interfaces directly with their data base enabling us to provide most results instantly online 24/7. Compare us to other companies who take approximately 24/48 hours to provide results.

Because court systems record evictions by name and address only you may have to compare prior addresses with the results of the eviction record. Our system streamlines this process by displaying a big red stop
sign when address and name matches. You will also be alerted to similar matches even if there is no exact match. Our Prior Address Locator Service is a tool that will allow you to have a larger means of comparison.
Eviction reports will give you peace of mind. Many first time landlords make the mistake of trying to save some money and skip the eviction report. This is not recommended because the eviction report has a wealth
of information. To help you save money we have created the Basic Tenant Package which includes: tenant credit report, Eviction Report, Social Security Search (PAL) and our bad tenant data — all for a discounted
price. It is easy to move someone in, but it is really hard to move them out. Once they become problem tenants you will lose a lot more money to evict them. Most landlords do not recover everything when they go through the eviction process, so be extra careful.

Citi Credit also provides a free decision making consultation via email. A qualified credit advisor will look at the report, evaluate it and answer any questions you may have. Our eviction report is fast and accurate. If you are looking for a more thorough screening, we also provide landlord verification, criminal records etc. We are here to protect your valuable assets.