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A Tenant Screening, Employment Screening Company.

CT Credit is a nation wide Tenant screening and Employment screening, Mortgage Credit Reporting Company. We provide information products for Tenant screening, Public Record Employment Screening and for the Mortgage Credit Reporting industry. We are a full service information company, we offer full and accurate mortgage credit reports and Tenant Screening products, Landlord Credit Check, Tenant background check, Tenant credit Check,Tenant Credit reports and Employment screening products such as Criminal Records, Background Checks, Tenant Background Checks, and Driving Records,Landlord Credit Check.

CTCredit has a strong track record of technological solution and a strong track record of revolutionizing the industry. We try to deliver fast and accurate Tenant background check information to our clients online 24/7.

CTCredit offers full TenantScreening services to property managers, landlords, and others in the real estate and rental industry. With our highly advanced software you will see your reports online within 10 seconds 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week, No need to wait for your report to come back to you. We have over 85 million records such as criminal, eviction, and tenant history records on Tenant Credit Checks, Tenant Credit Reports and Tenant Checks. The Tenant Background Check is the most important factor in a background check. We provide landlord services, landlord protection and Tenant Check programs for landlords and property management companies.

Employment Screening

Employment Screening Services is a trusted partner to organizations worldwide. Taking pride in our role concerning the creation of employment screening standards, we offer comprehensive applicant profiles, tailored by our unparalleled customer service staff, to meet your needs. Whether you employ one person or hundreds of people a year, we can offer you a fast, efficient and reliable service. C.i.t.i credit is a national Employment Screening Company. We provide Employee credit checks. Employee background checks, Criminal Records, including county criminal records, state criminal records, national criminal records, Driving records, employment verification, drug testing and State driving records.

Credit reports are routinely used by businesses to evaluate employment, insurance, credit, or other purposes allowed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Businesses use credit reports to evaluate other businesses before buying, contracting, or selling goods and services, or consummating business relationships.

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