How to use our system

CT credit is a full service background information provider specializing in Tenant Screening

How do I order the Credit Report?

These are step by step instructions. Please read these instructions and go back: (click the “back” button on your browser) to perform these steps

Step 1.
Click on “Credit Cards add/edit(Please go back out of this page by clicking the
“back”button on your browser and click on “credit cards add/edit)
Step 2.
Add your Credit Card information (please make sure that you type in
The billing address, exactly as it appears on your billing statement,
Otherwise the transaction will be denied and you will be unable to
Order the report)
Step 3.
Click on “Order Report
Step 4.
Select the package or service that you wish to purchase
Step 5.
Fill in the Fields with your prospective tenant’s information
(legal name, social security number, current address, birth date) You have to input accurate information
in order to get an accurate credit report. Try to obtain a copy of your tenant’s ID and Social Security Card.
Step 6.
click on “Submit
Step 7.
Check the information you submitted. Once you order the report there
are no refunds.
Step 8.
If all of the information is correct, Click on “View Report
Step 9.
Wait approximately 10 seconds for your report to appear on your screen.

After you order your report and if you have any questions, please click on How to read credit report.